J. Powers Bowman, Collage, pen-and-ink.

Ricardo A. Leon, "Legacy Archive", 2013, Mixed Media.

Ante Timmermans - Fabrication (2010)

(Source: likeafieldmouse, via archidose)

Jamiee M-a Williams, Sheared Perspective_Light + Water interactions_ The Architectures of Purification.

Eu Jin Lim, A Repository for the Fairy Tales Culture, 2014, ink and pencil on tracing paper. 

Carinnya Feaunati, Beyond the Reef : Return to Paradise : Sa’anapu Samoa, 2014, Watercolour, Ink pen, Digital.

Lesley Sjafei, Elderly Bath House Under the Bridge axonometric, pencil.

Karoline Jacobsen Sørum, Tecto-Stereotomic interventions in Karaköy.