Dimitris Argyros, Luxor by Horse, 2007, mixed media.

Hedvig Skjerdingstad, ‘The Archive – A Study of Recollection’, 2014.

Josh Riek"Untitled" A Song About Chaos, 2014

Kevin Li, 'Reinstating Horology'

_Hazem Talaat, _Conceptual Parasitic structure.

Miles Gertler, Islands. Three: Subtraction. 2013.

(Source: four-months)

Nicole Marple, 2014, Mixed Media.

Josh Riek ,"A Space For You"

Jessica Luscher, Stillness in Motion: Excavation of an Alpine Soundscape, Sound Vessel Interior Rendering, 2014, Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, pastel, pen and ink.