Thibaut RassatStacked city, 2014, ink.

Sara GrahamConjecture Diagram no. 01, 2014, graphite on mylar, 61.0 x 50.8 cm.

Daniela Pagani, 2014, Pen and Ink (digitally finished).

Connor Brindza, Pool Haus, Summer 2013. Watercolor, pencil, digital

Peter Wilson, Comfortable House, 1977.

Jessica LuscherStillness and Motion : Wind Excavation Rediscovered, 2014, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pen, Graphite, and Digital Collage, 72” x 34”

Hugh Leahy, Cashel Secondary Circulation Drawing. 

Edward Han Myo Oo, drawing for landscape design, 2014, pencil, 36”x36”.

Chris Norton RileyFalse Start, 2014.