Daniela Pagani, 2014, Pen and Ink (digitally finished).

Connor Brindza, Pool Haus, Summer 2013. Watercolor, pencil, digital

Peter Wilson, Comfortable House, 1977.

Jessica LuscherStillness and Motion : Wind Excavation Rediscovered, 2014, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pen, Graphite, and Digital Collage, 72” x 34”

Hugh Leahy, Cashel Secondary Circulation Drawing. 

Edward Han Myo Oo, drawing for landscape design, 2014, pencil, 36”x36”.

Chris Norton RileyFalse Start, 2014.

Alan Brooker, Patricia Corbett Theater Emblematic Diagram, 2014, Mixed Medium. 

Malcolm Rio, Maison de Verre.